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Google Adwords is fairly new to the market and really helps people gain traffic to there website. When people search on Google using one of your keywords, your ad may appear next to or above the search results. Now you’re advertising to an audience that’s already interested in you. When someone clicks on your ad, they land on your website where they can learn more about your business or make a purchase. With AdWords you always know what you get for your money. There are many tools and reports to tell you what is working and how you could further improve your campaign. You can tune mostly all aspects of your campaign at any time. For example, you can change your budget, ad texts, keywords, geographic targeting, the days and times your ads will appear, and many more settings.

             I used Google Adwords and entered to look at average monthly searches and the competition.  The relevant keywords searched are find a dentist, dental office, teeth whitening products, dental hygiene, oral dentist, and more.  The most relevant keyword is emergency dentist at 49,500 monthly searches. 

            Then I looked at the search patterns; many of the trends go fluctuate throughout the year.  The most expensive keyword is dentistry at $9.49 per click, then next is family dental at $7.90 per click.  Like most companies I would suggest them to focus on more brand keywords.  For instance, products that are on the Colgate website. 

            The SEO optimizer didn’t really pull up any information on Colgate. That’s good news for Colgate-Palmolive, which for the past five years has slashed costs, raised prices, and flooded developing markets with its wares to counter a stagnant oral-care market in the U.S. as well as fierce competition from Procter & Gamble’s Crest. The results are world-beating market shares for Colgate’s toothpastes 45% and manual toothbrushes 30% and a Top 10 position in Business Week’s list of best-performing companies.  However, I don’t think I would change anything


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Reputation management is a type of practice of attempting to figure knowledge of an individual or business by determining online information about that matter.  Reputation management campaigns may be conducted to higher the sight of positive opinions or to lower the visibility of horrible opinions.  A common practice is the creation of positive information pieces about a business to counter negative information.  A reputation manager posts positive things in different numbers to make the bad display on social media sites.  They can also join conversations, by answering tweets complaining about a company with comments that they had only good involvement to talk about.

Some of the top reputation management companies are Buzzlogic, Radian6, the TNS cymfony, and more.  Buzzlogic offers the BuzzLogic Insights” applications, where you can discover, engage and assess influencers in your industry.  You get a dashboard that provides you with information into whose talking about you in their blogs.  They divide their services into two different categories; PR people and marketers.

The Radian6 offers a solution; where you can setup certain keywords to monitor on your dashboard, automatically track the keywords on blogs, image-sharing sites.  Lots of data is captured in real time as discovered and delivered to dashboard analysis. The solution covers all forms of social media including blogs, top video and image sharing sites, forums, opinion sites, mainstream online media and emerging media like Twitter. Conversational dynamics are constantly tallied to track the viral nature of each post.

TNS Cymfony offers the Orchestra Platform, which is built on a Natural Language Processing engine that automatically identifies, classifies, qualifies and benchmarks important people, places, companies and topics for you.  The platform is able to decipher between different media sources, such as traditional media and social media. Cymfony’s differentiation is that their engine dissects articles, paragraphs and sentences to determine who and what is being talked about, whether something or someone is a key focus or a passing reference, and how the various entities mentioned relate to one another.

These software’s range from $500-$600 a month approximately.

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BLOG #1 Sony and it’s popularity




Sony is a really popular brand among many electronics in today’s world.  Even though it’s not as popular as it was back then it is still very popular.  As years passed new electronic brands started to form taking away Sony’s popularity.  I checked out Compete, Quantcast and Alexa to see where the company has been and how popular it really is.  When I typed in Sony in Compete it showed a graph of people visiting the site every month.  In August of 2012 a little over 2.5 million visited in that given month.  The biggest month of that year was about 3.7 million visitors in December of 2012, however its smaller month of visitors was April of 2013 at about 2 million visitors worldwide.  The reason why got a lot of visitors in November and December because those are the months were holidays occur.  Lot’s of people were buying electronic gifts for their loved ones.  Mostly every brand around the world has its highest amount of visitors during the Christmas holidays or other holidays as well.  It also shows its unique visitors at about 2.5 million and its rank at 964.  There are a few competitors that are winning the battle over Sony and those include,,, and

When I visited Quantcast it gave me mostly the same information, as Compete and some of their numbers were different.  For example, in March 2013 Quantcast said about 1.9 million visitors visited the site compared to Compete were it said about 2.2 million visitors.  Quantcast also gives an “Audience Also Likes” section in its website.  One of the categories for people who also visit is lotto/sweepstakes.  Also, some others are people that are into sports and personal life.  When I came upon this it didn’t really make a whole lot of sense to me because none of those categories have anything in common with electronics. 

Lastly, when I visited the website Alexa it gave me so much more information than Compete and Quantcast.  It puts all the information into many different categories.  Alexa describes how popular is and how its global rank is 1,681 and its United States rank is about 835.  It shows how engaged visitors to and who tends to visit the website.  For example, it says more male than women visit  Most of these site visitors are located in United States.  However, the next four countries are India, Brazil, Canada, and Germany.  People usually visit Google and Facebook before eventually falling on the site  Most visitors visit the store part of Sony more than they do  I thought that was very interesting which makes sense on why people go to Google before 

As you can see, all three of these sites told me a lot about as whole.  It shows that numbers don’t lie but people do.  I always thought that Sony was more popular than the numbers show.       


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